Presidents Club Fresno members group portrait


The Mission

Presidents Club’s mission is to support Community Health System’s efforts to improve the health and well-being of the Central Valley through philanthropy and advocacy. Comprised of more than 40 business leaders, this men’s club has raised more than $3 million to support cancer services since it began in 2017. Supporting cancer care is personal for many members. One in two men, and one in three women, receive a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime. Presidents Club proudly supports various cancer care causes within Community Health System so that patients can get the state-of-the-art care they need close to home. More than 4,000 patients visit Community for cancer care each month. Through their signature annual events, White Hot Summer Night and the Hot Pink Classic, the club can support these patients and ensure they have access to the very best.

The Vision

Community Health System has committed to expanding capacity and upgrading services in specialty areas such as neurosciences, cardiac care, and cancer care. And, this can only be accomplished with the help of private support. The action we take today will impact the health of our Valley for this generation and the generations to follow — for you, your family, your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Forward-thinking, business-minded individuals are needed to help elevate the health and economic status of the Central Valley. In the spirit of partnership and through Community Health System’s Office of Philanthropy, the Presidents Club’s mission is to support Community Health System’s efforts to improve the health and prosperity of the Central Valley through philanthropic support and advocacy.

Male and Female smiling both wearing red sunglasses

This is the party of the year – not to be missed!  All guests arrive in WHITE attire ready to dance the night away while raising funds for a much-needed cause – Cancer Care. The event features a cocktail hour with an exceptional silent auction, dining under the stars, LIVE auction, Vegas entertainment, premier whiskey bar and cigars.  Get your tickets early, it’s always a sellout!

Female and male golfer with pink gradient design effect

FORE the fun of it! The Presidents Club designed this tournament with philanthropy and endless fun in mind, while raising funds for the Marjorie E. Radin Breast Care Center at Clovis Community Medical Center. This tournament leaves you on the edge of your golf cart at every turn. The day starts with breakfast and ends with dinner and many pink cocktails in between.

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